This rather random collection of paintings ranges from early works in watercolor to later pieces in acrylic and/or mixed media, on a variety of surfaces.  Most of the paintings in this collection were inspired by the Alaska landscape or culture.  Many of the later works were painted plein air or from looking out my studio windows in Talkeetna, Alaska.  Before moving into expressionism, I was greatly influenced by the Impressionists and their goal of capturing the light of a particular moment.  Many of my paintings are purely about light, the way it bounces around the landscape and how we perceive and receive it.



I also love playing with paint, trying out new techniques and exploring the limits of my artistic imagination as well as the limits of the paint itself.  You can see that experimentation in many of the Northern Lights (Aurora) paintings.  Many of my landscapes benefit from the artistic freedom that I explored in the Lights paintings as I moved into a more minimalist and technique-driven style.


rylic paintings of Hawaii, Alaska, Talkeetna, Big Island, Denali National Park,Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. All art and artworks by the artist Chris Bowman of Bowman INK. Bowman INK specializes in hand block printed clothing featuring Alaskan and Hawaiian landscapes and iconic imagery.

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